I was rummaging through a stack of old newspapers that my father had saved from the past 50 years and stumbled on this Youth Page in the San Diego Union from 1963 that featured three Crawford classmates, Bob Lawrence and John McGuigan (above), and the late Peggy Nusbaum (below)

Just to clarify: there is one more member of the class of ‘64 appearing in the photo with Peggy Nusbaum – ME! Sarah Podoloff Karp was in the Pt. Loma High class of ‘64.

But Wait -- There's More!!

Paula "Gidget" Hildebrand Clare was in town and stopped by to visit. I showed her Maurice's clippings and she immediately focused on the "wrong" photo -- a group of four surfers, one of whom is the now legendary Hobie Alter. I might as well share that one too.

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