Mickie Finn's Speakeasy • 1051 University Avenue

Photos on this page were taken from the Hillcrest Album on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page. You may also want to check out Jim Smith's Mickie Finn's Membership Card.

Here's a photo of the South Market Street Jazz Band playing at Mickie Finn's circa 1968. I'm on the left playing clarinet and my classmate Dale Saare is on trombone at the center of the photo.  We played as the substitute band for Fred Finn when he was on the road or at his club in Las Vegas or LA.  It was quite a place! -- Larry Okmin '64


I remember when they were getting ready to open. They looked at our old piano and had one more to look at before they bought it. Other one was older and it wound up on stage. Our piano had to settle for my practicing and not fame -- Pam Woodberry ’62

Mickie Finn's was the first "bar" I ever went into - and my parents took me!  I remember the Moose with the red lighbulb for a nose and the way it blinked on and off while the Moose horn blew whenever someone walked in the door!.....and the peanut shells thrown on the floor....and the wonderful piano playing of Mickie herself!  As they say, Thanks for the Memories --
Londa Galley Warren ’62

I saw Eddie Peabody at that venue. I was sitting close enough to reach out and touch him. He broke a string, replaced it, throwing down the square envelop it came in. I grabbed it up and got him to autograph it after the show. Of course it was labeled Peabody Strings :) Good memories at Mickey Finn's. Anyone ever catch the TV show? --
Bill “Cappy” Paxton ’66

Went on a cruise from NYC to Canada in October 2014. Mickie and Fred were part of the ship’s entertainment. They were great! They didn't miss a beat. --
Doug Dawson ’62



(Above) Guy in center of top post card with straw hat, signaling for a couple of seats available, is me. You can see Mickie standing about mid way down the bar. (Below) Guy at center back of second post card in green vest, holding a chair over his head, is me again. Just found these and thought it might add to your Mickie Finn nostalgia site -- Mike McKittrick '60


Here’s an 45 rpm record my father got signed by Fred Finn back when my father and mother loved to go to Mickie Finns. Side A of the record is "I Stepped on a Lizard" and side B is "Freckles" -- Norm Black ’68

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