Abrazos desde Uruguay!!!

Bob Richardson ’61 received an email on January 30, 2023 from Laura Montaldo, daughter of Darwin Montaldo ’60, Crawford’s first Exchange Student.  Laura wanted to contact ASB President Ernie Griffin, whose family hosted Darwin during his stay here.  Bob put her in touch with Ernie, and wondered if she had a copy of her Dad’s 1960 Centaur.  Bob wondered if anyone had a 1960 Centaur that he could send to Laura.  Three Colts volunteered, but Pam Woodbury ’62 was the first, and the yearbook was soon in the mail to Laura.  Laura responded with the photo above, and the following email:

Hi all! Hope you are doing well!  First of all, thank you!  I am so grateful that I have reached out to Bob and so kindly he replied to me with so much more than I expected.  Now I know why my father loved Crawford and all the friends he met there.  I understand that this is Pam's yearbook. I have no words to thank her.  She even took time of her own to label my dad's photos.  Pam, you are an incredible person.  I would love to give you both a big hug! Abrazos desde Uruguay!!!  (Hugs from Uruguay) -- Laura Montaldo

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