Montezuma Elementary School

Montezuma Elementary School Opens - 1951

First Grade, Mrs. Cheshire, 1951-1952

Courtesy of Richard Christensen '63

Montezuma Elementary: 1952-1954

Courtesy of Barbara Rubin Kiloh '63

Montezuma 6th Grade: 1955

Courtesy of Bob Richardson '61

Montezuma Elementary: 1952-1957

Courtesy of Karen Gordy West '63

1956 Montezuma Elementary 6th Grade Promotion Program

We reprise a submission from Dennis Blackburn '62

A Montezuma Elementary School Field Trip - 1956

Dennis Blackburn '62 remembers visiting NAS Miramar

Montezuma Elementary 1956 Graduation

Frank Welch moved to the beach midway through Horace Mann
but his memories of elementary school are the same as those who didn't.

Montezuma Elementary Graduation Program: 1964

Courtesy of Robert Belenzon

Montezuma Elementary: 1956-1962

Courtesy of Michael Meyers '68

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