Oak Park Elementary School

Oak Park Sign

Oak Park Elementary: 1952-1955

3rd Grade through 6th Grade, courtesy of Bob Biehler '61

Oak Park Elementary: 1953-1955

Sharrin Mass Miller '61 shares three grades

Oak Park Elementary 1952

Dan Lewis' Second Grade class photo

Oak Park Elementary: 1953-1957

Photos from Ted Hazlewood '63

Oak Park Elementary: 1952-1958

All seven grades from Bob Mardon '64

Oak Park Poetry 55

32-pages of pistol-packing verse, courtesy of little Bobby Mardon '64

Bill Ross '65 sends all six of his photos, most with names

Oak Park Elementary:1958

Donn Dufford's 6th Grade Photo

Oak Park Elementary: 1959

Program and photos from Bill Ross '65

Oak Park Elementary 1955-1961

Courtesy of Linda Malone '67

Oak Park Letter to Congress: November 11, 1958

Courtesy of Phil Evans '67

Oak Park Graduation 1961

Courtesy of Jim "Gordy" Miller '67

Oak Park Elementary: 1957-1961, 1963

Guy Casciola '69 can't find his 5th Grade photo

Oak Park Elementary: 1959-1964

Leatha McGowan '70 shares six photos

Oak Park Elementary: 1958 & 1960

Leslie Herrmann '70 sends in her Kindergarten and Second Grade photos

Oak Park Girls: 1960

Tony Gee photographed the hotties with his Argus 75

Oak Park Elementary School: 1960-1966

Deborah Baumgarten Yantes 72 saved hers too -- but without names
(You know who you are)

Brownie Troop circa 1963

Courtesy of Linda Johnson Smyth '74

Oak Park Graduation Photos 1966

Courtesy of Giovanna DeSanti Medina '72

Oak Park Graduation Program 1966

Courtesy of Steve Stone '72

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