1974 Obituaries

Reginald Adams

December 12, 1955 - August 30, 2015

He joined the United States Army and served his country for over 21 years. Reggie was a resident of Mansfield, Texas at the time of his passing.

John Aguilar

Died April 30, 2023, according to the Crawford Foundation website

Steven Barrett
(No photo in yearbook)

Steve passed away on October 21, 2009 following a brief illness. Steve started his career in the lock and security field in 1975. Employed by the Labann Security Corporation in 1977, Steve admirably assumed ownership in 2001. For over thirty-seven years in San Diego County, Steve's pride as a Master Locksmith was not only appreciated by each of his customers, but the employees he has mentored over the years. . He will be dearly missed by his wife Carolyn, daughter, Ellyria and son Calvin. Also, his sister Shelley Norris of Yuma, AZ. Those who so desire may make Memorial Donations in honor of Steve to Boy Scouts of San Diego/Imperial Council and Girl Scouts San Diego/Imperial Council.

Cheryl Borden Callihan

Cheryl died of breast cancer in 1994 -- Bryant Callihan

Charles "Buddy" Castle
(As a sophomore in the '72 Centaur)

My brother passed awasy May 26, 2011 of congested heart failure at Big Bear City, California. He attended Carver, Horace Mann, and Crawford, but did not graduate -- Gloria Castle Damron '75

Patricia Courts Taylor

May 3, 1956 - March 30, 2007

A resident of El Cajon, Patricia was born in West Virginia and was a mortgage broker. Survivors include her husband Dennis; sister Karole , three daughters, two sons and six grandchildren.

Cheryl Davey

August 8, 1957 -- October 1, 2004

Cheryl was born in Seattle, WA and was a hairdresser. She is survived by her mother Marguerite Davey, sister Karen Davey Watkins ’66 and brother John Davey ’72.
Donations: San Diego Hospice

Wendy Ehlman

September 23, 1956 - August 6, 2008

Wendy was apparently known as "Byrd" to her Buddhist friends.

Robin Firhh

July 10, 1956 - March 15, 1981

My son Robin was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma and died in Mexico -- Hazel Dillon


Martin Fischbein

April 28, 1956 - September 24, 2018

Marty and I grew up in the same neighborhood near SDSU, where we both attended Hardy Elementary School, Horace Mann Junior High, and Crawford High School together.  Marty was a great friend, and I have many wonderful memories of our time together.  As children, we formed our own Beatles tribute band, where I was Paul, David Drexler John, Ron Lieberman George, and Marty was Ringo. The first all Jewish Tribute Band, I would joke later.  We all feigned playing the instruments, replacing the guitars with badminton racquets, and Marty feverishly beating on a bread basket with two pencils as drum sticks.  As kids, Marty and I did a lot of fun stuff together.  Whether it was playing football in the street, or crawling through the sewer across the freeway to Adobe Falls to catch pollywogs, Marty was always there.  Marty was kinda famous too when we were kids, as his uncle was Mr. Dependable.  Some of you may remember him, as he owned an appliance store and had a well known commercial on TV, where he would say, ''Hi, my name is Mr. Dependable, and if you can find it for less, I'll refund the difference.''  Marty never liked that commercial much, but all of his friends sure did.  Marty was always an adventurous child, as well as a teenager.  We spent a lot of time at the Jewish Community Center, where we would get into trouble from time to time.  One time in particular, we told our parents that we were at the JCC, when we were actually at 'The Western White House'' in San Clemente, holding picket signs, and DEMANDING that President Nixon help in our efforts to have restrictions eased, so Russian Jews could emigrate to Israel or The United States.  My father asked me the next day, ''Did you and Marty have a good time last night at the JCC?''  “Yeah sure dad, why?'', I replied.   With a look to kill he showed me the photograph of Marty and I in the San Diego Union, screaming and yelling so loud that Ron Nessen ( Nixon’s Press Secretary) had to come over to us and say, ''The President will look into it''.  We were so proud of ourselves, and -- as angry as our parents were at us for lying about where we were that night -- they were very proud of us too.  We also went to our very first X-rated movie together in downtown San Diego, as we saw ''The Last Tango in Paris''.  I remember Marty being disappointed in it, and saying to me ''Really, is that it? That movie should have been rated R'', and we laughed and laughed.  Over the years Marty and I had lost touch a bit, but he has never been far from my heart, or my mind.  I have told many stories about our time together as friends in those years, and the stories will continue to be told, as I truly loved Marty Fischbein. Rest in Peace my brother, Rest in Peace -- Alan Jay Weissman ’74

Elaine Frommer Perretta

December 27, 1956 - October 24, 2006


Penny Humphrey Scholl

January 20, 1956 - November 30, 2020

Penny graduated from the Sheriff’s Academy in 1981 and began a 27-year career in law enforcement.  Her passion for helping and protecting others made her a compassionate and fierce member of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and a force in her community for positive change, healthy interpersonal relationships, and mental and emotional health advocacy and empowerment.  In her retirement, she worked security for the Del Mar Fair and other jobs that she enjoyed, and volunteered for the local women’s domestic violence shelter.  She was funny, fearless, and made it her mission and her business in life to help make other’s lives better and heal other’s hurts.

Clark Hyde

July 24, 1948 - January 29, 1989

I recently thought of an old friend of mine, Clark Hyde, and wondered what became of him. Actually, I was listening to a lecture on why people enjoy different kinds of music, and remembered that Clark loved opera. He was the only person I knew who did. I tried googling him, and found him on your Class of '65 missing list. After further searching, I found that Clark died back in 1989. He is buried at Oberlin Westwood Cemetery in Ohio. I know it is the same Clark Hyde because he went to Oberlin College and I ran into him in Berkeley when he was at seminary -- Jerry Lame ’65 (December 7, 2016)

Bonnie Macpherson

June 12, 1956 - October 15, 2006

Bonnie was born in San Diego and worked for the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service and the San Diego Unified School District. She was a member of the San Diego Highland Dancer's Association and a dancer with the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band.
Survivors include her parents, Dorothy and James Macpherson; sisters, Linda Matheny of El Cajon, Robin Ramon of King City and Janet Johnston of Oregon; and brother, Gregory Macpherson of Santee.

Bonnie is kneeling in the center with the white gloves

Beverly Martin Washington

July 17, 1956 - March 23, 2020

Keith Miles

March 14, 1956 - November 13, 2021

Lawrence Myles

Larry lost his battle with cancer on July 9, 2012 -- Chet Carney


Marc Pomeranz

December 14, 1955 – May 12, 2018

Robin Rhett Henry

Robin passed away September. 2, 2011 in Texas, where she was an insurance agent. Survivors include her husband David, children Amanda New, Casey Henry and Eric Henry, and brother John Rhett ’70

Mike Sentovic

January 30, 1956 - September 22, 2011

Mike4 passed away after a long illness. We lived next door to each other -- Mike Poulson ‘73

Susie Smith Cella

Susie passed away July 29, 2011. She was born and raised in San Diego, California, and earned a BA and MBA from San Diego State University. After a successful, ten-year career in banking, she met and married her husband, Michael Joseph Cella. She brought her California spirit east in 1995 when she moved with her family to Wilton, Connecticut. In addition to her husband and children, Susie is survived by her sister, Judy “Elle” Smith Wright ’69.

I remember Susie as one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Her energy and personal style was always a pleasure to be around. No party, dance or cheer squad was complete without her. I am so glad to hear Susie got married and had children, since she was such a good role model. The obituary did not say how she died which is OK. It is not the way she died that’s important but the way she had lived. Evan though I have not seen Susie for years, after reading about her passing I suddenly miss her very much and remember her like it was yesterday. God Bless you Susie.  Jeffrey Pich 1973


Stephanie Steel Johnson

August 8, 1956 - July 15, 2020

Stephanie didn’t want things from people. She wanted things FOR people. She lived by the mantra “think of others."  Few who knew her were untouched by her generosity, her selflessness, and her grace in supporting those around her.  She would not hesitate to take the more difficult of two paths if it meant doing the right thing.  Her robust character and boundless spirit make saying this all the more difficult.  Please understand: if you were in her life, she loved you.  There was no other way with her.  Nothing short of love.  It was her wish that those who loved her in kind would think long and hard about one aspect of her experience that they valued and then seek to emulate that in their own lives.  In this way, we keep her close and honor her still.  It is important to note that Stephanie long cherished the idea of “day clean.”  A concept borrowed from the Gullah culture of South Carolina, “day clean” evokes the sense that each dawn brings a fresh start complete with renewed energy and the bright assurance that there is good work being done.  Stephanie believed in the greater “day clean” that awaited her.  So too would she expect us to remember that each day is a fresh opportunity to think of others.

Stephen Stegman

December 27, 1955 - April 18, 2020

Steve died after a valiant battle with cancer.  His strong will to live, unwavering faith in Christ and the love and prayers of family and friends carried him through the tough times and gave him peace.  Steve was born and raised in San Diego and later settled in Casa Grande, Arizona. He was a proud Air Force veteran who served as a Czech linguist and technical writer.

Andy Teasdale

March 22, 1956 – September 26, 1974

Andy's Friends Remember


Kevin Thrash

Kevin was a classmate of mine at Andrew Jackson, Horace Mann and Crawford.    He was a big part of the football team and played college football in west Texas.  He died April 14, 2024 -- Dale Olson

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