Andy Teasdale

March 22, 1956 - September 26, 1974

Aloha John! My name is Elaine Hart Tashombe, and I went to Campus Lab School with Andy Teasdale in San Diego. We are getting together a 1968 reunion of the school. I understand that he passed away after high school, and am wondering if you have any information on his life, or perhaps could steer me in the direction of someone that may know. I appreciate your time and assistance -- Elaine Hart Tashombe (Helix '74)

The Teasdales were good friends of my family. Andy did in fact die of some sort of cardiac arrest while playing in a local church basketball game in his San Diego neighborhood only a year or two or maybe three after high school. I don't know much more than that and I'm sorry I can't even tell you exactly which year this occurred. It was a great shock to us all as Andy always seemed so strong and vibrant. To think of him even now brings a smile to my face; he was a happy guy. We truly miss him -- Marc Jensen‘72

Regarding Andy’s passing. The details are simple. It was a freak occurrence. I knew Andy well and had spent many summers with him hiking in the Sierra Nevadas. He was in great shape and was always the first one to the top of the peak. He died in September 1974, while playing basketball with some friends. His heart gave out. I don’t know what the official cause of death is listed on his death certificate. For all I know it may have been an aneurysm or some other undiagnosed defect. His friends will remember it as a “heart attack” -- Jay Crumrine‘75

I knew Andy Teasdale and family very well through school and church. He passed away his junior year from a massive heart attack while playing basketball at our church -- Kim Kerr Cook ' 75

I was a classmate of Andy Teasdale, and am sorry to hear of his passing. If you come across any information in his regard, I would be most appreciative. Thank you -- Marsha Rubin Steinfield '74

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