Andrew Jackson Elementary
School Orchestra

I am sending you a picture taken on June 4, 1954 in front of Andrew Jackson Elementary School. This is the orchestra I played in with Mr. Waterman as conductor. Below I have indicated names of some of the students that I can remember. Maybe you can post the picture on your web site and find out who the other students are. I continued to play in the orchestra through all my years at Horace Mann Junior High School and all but my senior year at Crawford.

Bottom Row (sitting): (1) Janice _____, (2) ______, (3)_____, (4) Rochelle Harrison? (5) Maurine Rogers?, (6)____, (7) ____.
2nd Row: (1) Joan Thomsen '60, (2) Judy Butzine '60, (3)____, (4) Melinda Myrick '61, (5)____,(6)____, (7)_____, (8) Gayle Alward, (9) Judy Silverman.
3rd Row: (1)____, (2)____, (3) David LeMay '60, (4) Georgellen Oullette '60, (5)____, (6)_____, (7)____, (8) Sharon Culver '60, (9)_____.
4th (Top) Row: (1)____, (2)_____, (3)_____, (4)_____, (5)_____, (6) Richard _____, (7) J _____, (8)_____, (9)______.

Thanks for doing such a great job for all the Crawford Alumni,
Joan Thomsen Morine ‘60


Howdy from Arizona. On the picture of the band, 1954: fourth row # 6 is Richard Johnson and next to his left #7 is Jay Wilson. Richard played Trombone and Jay played Clarinet. Jay talked me into playing in the band in 1955. YIKES! 1955, I better check my pulse. We three were also in "Ozzies’ Marching Band". Those were glory days -- band, baseball and football. Now that you have me thinking: I remember "Gayle" across the street from me on 58th; Getting bloody playing tackle football in the rain; Ice sliding in Presidio park. Bruce Springsteen sang "Glory Days". He was right.


Hi John -- Here are a few names off the top of my head. Bottom Row: 1. Janice Black; 2. Roxanne ? ; 3. Pat Richey. 2nd Row: 5. Betty Blackman and behind Betty the Blonde is Judy Gurling; 6. Noel Pickering; 7. Judy Scott; and in back of Judy is Bonnie Belkin; 9. Pamela Peters (me) White dress w/two black stripes holding violin. 2nd Row also the two boys standing one behind the other on the left side. The one in the back is Jerry (can't remember his last name).
Back Row the boy standing next to Richard to the left is Rusty also can't remember his last name. All would have been in the Class of ‘61 except Noel and Richard who moved away.

Thanks for the memories.
Pamela Peters Campbell '61

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