Alan Osborn '64 submits this photo of Room 202, Mr. Ross' English class

I'll ask you to figure out who's who using the following system -- the girl, front and center, in the white sweater is in Row A, Seat 1.

Row A: Pat Lewis, James Everson, Jack Baker;

Row B: Margaret Jackson, Corbitt Williamson, Mike Thompson, B-4, Gary Stockton, B-6

Row C: Bob Zito, Dennis "Den Den" McClure, Gary Carpenter, Lynn Nelson, (guy kneeling Jerald Pierce), Ed Kessler, (book in front of face), Jerry Merril

Row D:  D-1, D-2 empty seat, John McGuigan, William Loch, Alan Osborn, Thomas Jarrard

Against the wall: Tony Montanero, John Murphy, Larry Nielson, Peter Wittenberg

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