Photos taken by John "Doc" Wilding in March 1975

The Old Marquee
Looking east from Ingraham past Safeway
Looking north: Devany's Bakery at the
left and Brand Jewelry at the right
I'm not sure of the order, but I think it's been Thrifty, Jr and Rite-Aid and is now CVS
About where Great News is today
Some of you are looking at the Fine Arts Theater, but I'm remembering when you could have breakfast at Gale's Coffee Shop then step across the alley to Bank of America
Bonkers, PB Bowling Alley, Swensen's
and Goodyear Tires


Photos taken by John Fry in November 1982

Gale's Coffee Shop and Bank of America were long gone in 1982
Mr. G's -- home of the $1.00 pizza. I think you can see where
the Sir George's Smorgasbord sign used to be at the left
Imperial Savings has replaced the Standard Station

Butch Skinner's Pacific Plaza Photos

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