Anscochrome 35mm slides taken by Byron "Butch" Skinner in and
around Pacific Plaza. We think the date stamp says January 4, 1964
I'm not sure what this is, and can't
quite make out the reflections either
Still not sure what Butch was photographing, but there's a great reflection of DeFalco's -- and I think Devany's Bakery
This time the reflection is Brand Jewelers
Welcome to Newberry's
Vince Adamo's Shoe Shop. I think you can see Vince at work in the middle of the photo
Another shot of Newberry's
The name says it.
What did YOU get for your Blue Chip Stamps?
Remember Goodyear at the east end of Pacific Plaza? Remember the Standard Station where Bruegger's Bagels is today?
Another shot of the
Standard Station
Was it Jahries Shell Station at the southwest
corner of Garnet and Lamont?
For a brief period there were two
31 Flavors a few blocks apart

Pacific Plaza Photos by John Wilding and John Fry

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