Seeing the picture of Palisades Skating rink really brought back memories!!  I went there often with the man who became my husband, it was one of our date places!  I also remember skating there with my Girl Scout troop!!
-- Judy Burnham Little 64

My Aunt May was the ticket person at Palisade Gardens and I got in for free every week!  What a surprise when I saw the photo below.  I had forgotten all about my skating years -- Kim Beavers Shannon 64

I went to Jefferson elementary school across the street from the Palisade Skating Rink.  Several times a year there would be a school skating party for us.  Once one of the teachers insisted that I was not old enough to be in the classes that were skating that day.  Being short can be a hinderance, but I finally found somebody who she would listen to and support me! -- Judy Horowitz Glenn 67

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