Some Crawford Memories

I've learned to give things to those who appreciate them. Here are a few things I found when we recently moved into a Senior Community. Thanks for preserving many of my fondest memories on your website -- Ruth Ann Palovchik Yurgelon '65

(This came to me May 4, 2007. A careful eye will note that Ruth Ann has written on the back of many of the ribbons. "Hack Hoover" came from the Hoover Homecoming game on October 20, 1961, which Ruth attended with Sherri, Lyn, Debbi and Cheryl. Saints won 25-6; On the back of "Beat Clairemont" it says Won 37-7, 10-4-63; "If It's A Komet Bomb It" says Crawford 23, Kearny 12, October 12, 1962 at San Diego State; Won 9-27-63 F.B. is on the back of "Dump the Devils"; "Muzzle the Pointers" has a similar notation, Pt Loma Sept. 20 Crawford won 13-18; "Crawford No. 1" says 1962 basketball on the back. I'm still trying to figure out who the Beatles are and what Aloha 65 signifies. I'm curious what became of Linda AnnTaylor. She's one of three Taylors missing from the Class of '64)

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