My parents, Wayne and Juanita Paxton, owned a liquor store before I was adopted. Wayne had to get out of the business because the San Diego Police Department wouldn't let their officers own businesses in the city. I assume due to a potential conflict of interest. I think it was on Adams Ave. but my memory is very foggy about the story. I ran across a picture that my Aunt Mabel took at the time. I assume it is in the 1948 time frame, give or take a year or two -- Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66

Bill Mondigo, who happens to be a '79 Hoover grad, was looking for aerial views of Hillcrest and found some on this web site. He saw Bill's color photo at the top of this page, then happened upon the black and white photo above on the Vintage San Diego Facebook page. It's a view of the southwest corner of 30th and Polk. Bill also added a current Google street view of the site. Click HERE to check it out. If a person thought a liquor store was the work of the devil, I hate to think how they'd react to the current tenant -- an adult video store.

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