REMEMBER CIGAR BOXES? That's where I found a bunch of family photo negatives from the 1940s. I don't know when I'll get to the negatives, but I thought you'd be interested in the envelopes they came in. It's helping me figure out the chronology of my toddlerhood.
In 1946 the Fry Family resided in Navy Housing in Long Beach, where my sister was born on August 2nd. I'm a little confused about the Sensor Studios envelope from 1947. Prescott would be the married name of my father's sister, whom we later moved across the street from.
By 1948 the Fry Family had moved into a Quonset hut in San Diego at the 32nd Street Naval Base, then to a quarter-acre spread on Olive Drive in Spring Valley, with a goat, three geese, rabbits and chickens. We had barely settled in when my father got orders to Guam, and left my Mom to wait for our orders. Check out the REASONS FOR FAILURE on the California Photo Sevice envelope.
The advertisements and punch-card below were found in the envelope above, and dated September 22, 1950. At this point we were renting a place on Edgemont in Burlingame, now known as South Park

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