This Howard Rozelle aerial IS a mystery!! There's no date on the back, nor a negative number. As a matter of fact I guess I don't really know for sure that Howard took it. Google Earth people -- start your engines!!! I'm clueless on this one, but wonder if it's somewhere in the South Bay.

Howard's photo is East Division St. and North Euclid Ave, looking east. I hunted for two street grids meeting at a slight angle. It is near the boundary between San Diego and National City. Your South Bay guess is pretty close -- Mike Fry 60

My guess for Rozelle aerial is E. Division St, looking east, with N. Euclid Ave as the main artery going left to right in the center of photo. That's the only place where the diagonal streets turn into perpendicular streets as you go east (or vice-versa). National City to the right, Lincoln Park and Valencia Park on the left. Before 805 went in --
Robert Laudy 73

The photo of San Diego/National City is early 1960s.  The school at the top of the photo is Morse High School, built in 1962. It looks like the football field/stadium is still being built at that time. I am a Paradise Hills "lifer" -- born, raised, and current resident. I recognize features in all of the Paradise Hills and National City photos, as well as some of the other San Diego photos. Also, I am a teacher with the San Diego Unified School District. I was at Crawford for nine years (2003-20011). I loved my time at the school and still miss it dearly. By the way, I believe that is Oliver Perry Elementary School on the top of the hill toward the upper right corner. That should also be Paradise Hills Elementary School at the four o'clock position from Perry Elementary School. Down the hill and on the long straight away of Allegheny Street. That baseball field at the bottom of the photo is El Toyon park -- Alan Tabiendo

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