IT'S ANOTHER ROZELLE MYSTERY PHOTO. There appears to be a lake in the upper right corner and possibly a small landing strip to the left of that. I'll await your responses.

Couldn't resist the photo, which seems to be looking east along San Vicente St in what calls Jamacha Lomita. The small road that enters midway up the left side and winds on east is Jamacha Rd. Part of the north shore of Sweetwater Reservoir is just visible in the upper right. Spring Valley Shopping Center (per Google) is about where the landing strip was. The school is still there, with most of the original buildings, but Google street level views aren't detailed enough to show the name. I just checked the San Diego City Schools website and quickly found that it is Audubon Elementary School, 8111 San Vicente St. It's a K-8, school, which of course is weird to us who grew up with K-6, 7-9, 10-12. Another sign that things have gone to hell. -- Bob Richardson '61

The mystery photo is Lomita Village. The E/W road in the center of the picture is San Vicente St. The N/S road is Cardiff St., with Jamacha Rd on the left side of the photo --
Paul Woolery ‘64

That's the Lomita neighborhood just south of Jamacha Rd, and north of Skyline Dr. The lake is Sweetwater Reservoir, and the school in the middle is Audubon Elementary. I had a difficult time finding it. I used a 1972 Shell gas station map, and finally spotted the two looping streets. The neighborhood hasn't changed much on Google Maps --
Mike Fry ’60

I think the picture is in the Spring Valley area looking to the east. The built up area are the streets south of Jamacha Road, north of Skyline and west of the present SR125. The water is Sweetwater Reservoir and the landing strip is the old "Lamps" field (but Lamps may have been a bit farther to the north) --
Stan Faulwetter '72

I believe the mystery photo is showing Sweetwater Lake in the upper right corner with Spring Valley to the left. The tract of new houses on the bottom of the photo is Lomita Village. The layout of the streets match page 1290 in an old Thomas guide. From what I’ve heard the airstrip was private and belonged to a pig farmer --
Jim Martin ’60

My first thought was Sweetwater Reservoir. I have nothing to back this up! Maybe looking northward towards Spring Valley from Skyline area. The horseshoe shaped street at far lower right of housing tract has a water tank, but couldn’t find anything on it. Not many landmarks to go by. I'm probably way off base, but it's still fun to look at the pictures. I'm anxious to hear what others see. There used to be an airstrip in La Presa (formerly known as La Pressa). It was evidently opened at some point between1944-45. La Pressa Airport evidently closed at some point between 1955-58, as it was not depicted at all on the September 1958 San Diego Local Aeronautical Chart. By the time of a 1964 aerial photo, the northern portion of the former airport property had been redeveloped with housing, and the southern portion w
as covered with the Spring Valley Shopping Center. Click HERE for maps and photos of the airstrip -- Julie Eskew Daniel ‘64

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