THIS ROZELLE AERIAL had me baffled until I saw the date on the back -- July 29, 1956. There were a handful of other shots in the pile with the same date -- and I figured out where THEY were taken. I'll let you scroll down and have your own "Eureka" moment. Keep your eye on the high school track in the upper left hand corner.

That's Euclid and Federal, the Rancho Drive-in, and the Lincoln High School track. On one of the photos, you can see the twin towers of KFSD (now KOGO), AM 600. I believe they are still there, just south of Highway 94 -- Mike Fry, '60

Guessed it was the Rancho. Got to the fourth photo and there was my house! It was a nice moment for an old Oak Parkie who learned to ride a bike on those streets -- and right about that time too! --
Jeff Lee '66

Ah Ha! My old neighborhood around El Rancho Theatre. I lived way up Grape St, which is pictured on several of the new photos. I remember the Fedco store coming in and played in the large vacant lot for about two years while that area was being developed and the freeway was being built --
Jim Smith '61

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