HOWARD DIDN'T TAKE THIS SHOT. It's a Consolidated Vultee photo of the Convair 240 in March 1947. I eventually figured it out, but it still doesn't quite look right. There's been a lot of landscaping changes to this part of San Diego.

My best guess is that the Convair 240 is just above (what is today) Point Loma Seafoods, and that Rosecrans is coming from the center left to the upper right hand corner of the photo. That makes the area just behind the plane (near the hill) being Tunaville and Roseville -- Earl Feldman ‘61

The photo looks like NTC in the background with Harbor Drive crossing the photo to intersect Rosecrans. I love the early dredging for the future “islands” in the harbor -- Barbara Bright Wilder ’62

The aerial looks like a dredging operation was underway, creating Harbor Island. You can see the artificial shoal in the lower right of the picture. I think Spanish Landing is along the bay front to the right. The airport is not shown, but is to the right of the picture. The dredging operations over the years completely changed the shape of the waterfront here and across the bay on Coronado --
George Fish '71

The dredge in the right foreground is forming the east end of Shelter Island, where Bali Hai is today. Dana Junior High and Point Loma High School can be seen at opposite ends of Catalina. Nimitz Boulevard has not been built and Mission Bay is mud flats at the top. The bridge from South Mission to Ocean Beach SHOULD be visible, but I couldn't locate it -- JF

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