THIS HOWARD ROZELLE MYSTERY PHOTO was taken on November 15, 1960, but that's all I know. I'm wondering if it was even taken in the United States, but I don't think Howard ever took any aerials in Mexico. Enjoy.

How could you miss Balboa Park? That's the old Sears parking lot on the right, and the Education Center (where my dad worked) is on the left. Washington St. is in the foreground, as it curves around to join Normal St -- Mike Fry 60

This one is fairly easy. The view is southeast. The shadow on the right side falls on the old Sears store in Hillcrest. The intersection in the middle of the picture is University and Park Ave. Below that and a little to the right is the DMV -- a lot of us should remember it. I believe the large building in the lower left was the Board of Education --
Ed Miller 62

The photo is easier than we think. The photo was taken looking south and it was just above 395 at the top of Hillcrest. The building on the lower left is the Ed Center. The parking lot for the old Sears (Hillcrest) is on the middle right. The concrete road going from the Ed Center across the lower portion of the photo is Washington, which I suspect was cut through from El Cajon Blvd. and Park Blvd. to Pacific Highway at the beginning of WW II to transport workers from the North Park area directly down to the Convair Plants 1 and 2 At the top of the photo is Balboa Park, and Park Blvd. is the straight street from just above the Ed Center to the upper right towards Balboa Park (and then it makes a jag to the right and becomes that thin road at the upper right of the photo. Love these puzzles, but where do you post the answers? --
Earl Feldman '61

Jeez, Louise -- I think some of you folks are the ones who tried to convince me that algebra was "easy" at Horace Mann. Everything is "easy" if you get it. I'm not buying that you can see Balboa Park, although I'll concede that you're technically correct if you include Morley Field and the Municipal Golf Course. Earl, the answers are right here -- and "here" will be a link below in the very near future.

Google map below courtesy of Earl Asbury '64

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