There's no date on this Rozelle aerial, so you're on your own. I guess the reservoir at the right would be a clue.

Is that not an airport in the upper right-hand corner? Looks Like Gillespie Field, to me. I think it is the reservoir that is under Harry Griffin Park. That looks like Severin Drive to the middle left. I lived on one of those streets when I was a kid. I don't see Northmont Elementary. Northmont was built around 1957, according to their website. It must have been new when I went there in 1958. I would give almost ANYTHING to see to the lower right a tad, to see if Grossmont High School is hiding in there. Be interesting to see if I'm correct about THIS one -- Alan Fedder 69

I was just about to give up on Rozelle #33 but then stumbled on the solution: the view is north, with Amaya Drive passing left-right in lower portion. Severin Drive takes off north of it on the left. The reservoir is about where my map shows Grossmont Reservoir, but the satellite image doesn't show any sort of reservoir there any longer, but the area is part of what is now Harry Griffin Park. In the upper right might be an early version of Gillespie Field, but I'm not sure. Fletcher Parkway hasn't been built yet. Hey, these are getting harder -- Bob Richardson '61

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