THE DATE ON THE BACK of this Rozelle aerial is November 2, 1958. You shouldn't have any trouble with this one.

I think this is the first Rozelle photo that I was able to figure out within five seconds. For fans of KGB-FM, they will probably remember that great April Fool’s joke that Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw did a few years ago based upon Montgomery Field in the picture. They convinced many that one of the space shuttles was going to land there -- Roger Covalt ‘77

I recognized Montgomery Field right away, but I was surprised how undeveloped that area was in 1958. Balboa Ave is nowhere to be seen. My 1973 SD map shows that it didn't have a connection to Hwy 163 even then. The Convair/GD Astronautics plant was in full swing, including a large trailer park just south of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Those are long gone, but there is a surviving trailer park along I-805 to the west. All the GD buildings are gone now, except for a large office building that isn't in the photo. It is now used by Sharp Healthcare. I wondered why none of the other buildings were saved. Now I see that the Sharp building is newer. On the west side of Hwy 163, across from Montgomery Field, is the original Fedmart store. We always called it Mother Fedmart, as the chain grew. Who would have thought it would spawn Price Club/Costco, and still be an important store in my life today (after Trader Joe's, of course). You can also see a corner of the TuVu drive in theater in the lower right corner. That was far more important to me, then, than any of the other stuff -- Mike Fry '60

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