I'VE REJECTED THIS ROZELLE AERIAL several times because it is an infrared shot taken at such a high altitude that it makes San Diego County look like the moon. I went ahead and scanned it, then looked on the back. It was taken January 8, 1961 and is Negative #13648. It turns out to be a pretty good mystery photo, and the negative number helps analyze last week's photo.

The Rozelle photo depicts Sorrento Valley running to the northwest and Miramar Road running east/west...the round building in the left center of the photo is General Atomics...Torrey Pines golf course is visible on the left side and the bridge to Del Mar on Highway 101 runs north along the coast -- Gary Morris '61

That's Miramar Rd in the foreground, and the jagged line running along the future route of I-805 is a high voltage transmission line (it's still there). You can see the railroad in Sorrento Valley, alongside Sorrento Valley Rd. Torrey Pines Golf Course is very white in infrared. Just below the golf course is the round building of General Atomic. It was one of the first buildings on the Mesa. The lone building in the lower left is right where University Town Center is now. It might be left over from the Camp Mathews Marine base --
Mike Fry '60.

Hello Sorrento Valley! What a pre-civilization photo! General Atomics on the left, the “old” Miramar Road on the bottom (great for avoiding delays in Rose Canyon on 101 on a Sunday when heading North). At first I thought the thin white line going up the center was an early engineering path for 5 and 805, but then I saw the white “mounds” to the right of the race track, which we now know as I-5, but CalTrans let the dirt settle for a few years before paving the roadway, so the white line must be a high voltage line. Would love to know what building is just sitting there, all by its little old self, on Miramar Road --
Earl Feldman ‘61

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