THIS HOWARD ROZELLE AERIAL has me stumped. It was taken in 1954. If I had to guess I'd go with Mission Gorge, but I haven't ruled out Jamul.

It looks like East Bonita with Sweetwater Lake in the top background --
Pat Edwards ‘67

Looks like Sweetwater Lake to me with Bonita in the foreground --
George Kneeshaw ‘67

We are looking to the east over Bonita Valley, with the western portion of Sweetwater Reservoir barely appearing at the top. The primary street running up the center is Bonita Road, and as always, the river looks quite dry. The “tip-off” to me was the portion of the street coming in from the left that swings to the left. It’s Sweetwater Road (which then runs east on the north side of the river). But if one goes straight at that intersection, you cross over the riverbed as Willow Street, and connect into Bonita Road (which then runs east on the south side of the river). Not in the photo is the newly opened Route 125 South Bay Toll Road, which is just before the reservoir. Yes, this once was an agricultural county, and the various groves in the photo reaffirm it. Does anyone recall what was grown in that area? --
Earl Feldman ‘61

I believe you're right. I think that's Glen Abbey Memorial Park in the foreground --
John Fry

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