I'M NOT SURE I WOULD HAVE figured this one out if Howard hadn't written the answer on the back. Clues to what direction you're facing are at the top of the photo.

It's that other picture from the other week, but from another angle. (I think Alan's talking about #45 -- JF) It's Dallas! From the North. What was that subdivision called? Is that Grossmont Hospital being built over there? It opened around 1955. Not much of Fletcher Parkway in evidence, but Jackson Drive and Murray Manor Elementary are there -- Alan Fedder '69

I'm fairly sure we are looking southwest at the north La Mesa area south of San Carlos near Fletcher Hills. The bottom-most street is Dallas Street bordered by Jackson Dr and the gully, which would become Fletcher Parkway. That "Y" street configuration in the foreground looks like the convergence of Nagel and Santa Streets. Is that the beginnings of Grossmont Hospital on the far left? --
Rodger Gredvig, '64

This picture sure gives us a different prospective -- La Mesa looking from the northeast. The road in the foreground is Dallas, which intersects with Lake Murray Blvd. On the left side of the picture we can see Grossmont High School and Highway 80, which connected to El Cajon Blvd (US 80) and Alvarado Canyon Rd. I figure the picture dates from the early 50s
-- Ed Miller 62

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