I DON'T HAVE A CLUE. It was out in the country then. I wonder what it looks like now.

John, this is Zeller Waymire in Australia. The mystery photo looks like Fletcher Parkway.

I think I have figured out Rozelle #53. I'd given up yesterday, but Zeller Waymire's suggestion had me take another shot at it. The view is roughly south, from southeast of Mt. Helix. The distinctive looped street in the middle foreground is El Canto Drive. The left-right road through the middle now is Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway. The road that extends away from it from the right middle to the top is Sweetwater Springs Blvd. Attached is my attempt to get the same view from Google Earth. Hope I'm right! Hope I've beat my classmate Earl Feldman to the punch! -- Bob Richardson '61

Good eye Bob Richardson – you nailed it. Casa de Oro, Spring Valley, Rancho San Diego all visible. Left Avocado and 94 -- Von’s shopping center w/ McDonalds, Dixieline, 24-Hour Fitness, AAA, etc. Top U.S. Elevator, trailer parks (San Miguel Mountain just beyond out of photo). Right upper center Monte Vista High School, right lower center Casa de Oro Elementary --Julie Eskew Daniel ‘64

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