I have solved Rozelle Mystery Aerial #54. The house with the black arrow below is at 1019 E 2nd St, in National City. We're looking north. The same house in Rozelle #54 is near the left edge toward the bottom, again seen looking north. Google's Street Level view of the same house shows that it had a two-track driveway but the space in between has been filled in with concrete. The east-west street about two-thirds of the way up from the bottom is Division. The broad street that comes in from the top a little right of center and terminates abruptly I think is 45th St, stopping at Logan Ave. The military housing in the Rozelle Photo just east of there may be the Chollas View units that I saw in the 1993 Spring issue of The Journal of San Diego History (online). You have no idea how much time I've spent trying to figure this out, and I'm not alone. Betty Mayfield Picard '75 (a fellow geographer) and her husband have also been hard at it on this one. We shared notes last week, doubling my resolve to figure it out -- Bob Richardson '61

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