I'm thinking this aerial of Pacific Beach might have been taken on December 14, 1952 when Howard shot an iconic view from La Jolla to the mountains deep in Baja California. The Scripps Estate at the lower center was soon sold to make way for the Catamaran Hotel. If you've got real good eyes you can spot the Jack-in-the-Box on the northwest corner of Mission Blvd and Pacific Beach Drive, where Tony Roma's is today. NAS Miramar is about the only development in the distance.

Steve Petty '66 says, "Are you sure there was a Jack in the Box in PB in 1952? If you have sharp eyes you must be looking into the future. Us Crawford Colts enjoyed going to the very first Jack in the Box, which used to be at 6270 El Cajon Blvd. But it was built in 1951 and I donít think they expanded that fast. I might be wrong, and I do seem to remember there was one in PB, but it may have come later than 1952. Or your picture is later."

Well, Steve, here's a photo taken at a lower angle, possibly on the same day. The late Vern Taylor, who owned most of Pacific Beach, west of Cass Street, told me the Jack-in-the-Box was built in 1952. As further prove, directly above Jack's, bounded by Cass, Thomas, Dawes, and Reed, is the De Luxe Trailer park, which gave way to Martha Farnum Elementary School in December 1953 and today is the Earl & Birdie Taylor/Pacific Beach Library. Earl was Vern's father.

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