On November 10, 1995 one (or maybe two) of the towers that, as a toddler, I thought were the same as the one in Paris, was demolished. Above is the first photo I took. Below are the four shots that followed.

Click HERE for a well written and researched story on how the Chollas radio station came to be. I didn't know that it was the first significant Navy development in San Diego, and paved the way for all the later bases and airfields -- Mike Fry ’60

The lights from the three Chollas towers were my night-light for many years. Lying in bed I could look out my window and watch them blink! I moved to Lemarand Avenue from Ocean Beach when I was 6 years old. I remember walking across the four lanes of traffic on College Avenue and cutting through the canyon to get to Rolando Park School. Before College Grove shopping center was built I spent many hours wandering in the canyon behind my house and bringing home snakes and lizards as pets. I had a very understanding mother! When the heavy equipment started working on the shopping center I'd go down there and find all kinds of fossilized seashells and other creatures. When they were building the freeway I, and some of the other kids, would crawl through the big concrete pipes, I guess they were for storm water runoff, and we could make it all the way to the freeway . Some of the areas we crawled and walked through were square and as big as a room! Anyway, the pictures of the towers brought back some powerful memories. Thank you so much for all you do! -- Julia Burnham Little '64

At Christmas time they would broadcast Christmas carols from the towers during the day. It always made me feel excited about Christmas -- especially when we were on Christmas Vacation. I moved away from San Diego in 1970. Whenever I'd fly home I'd watch for the towers and, from there, could easily pick out my house on Streamview Dr -- Terri Quinlivan Parham '66

I remember the towers quite well. I would like to know if the Chollas Reservoir is still in operation as a park and free fishing area for youth. I was also wondering if the Little League field is still there. That field provided some of the best "make out" nighttime areas that I can recall. It was so close, and yet so far -- Dan Richards '65

I took this photo on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 so Dan could see that the Chollas Reservoir is alive and well. I forgot to look for the little league fields -- JF

You can still fish at Chollas Lake if you’re under the age of 16. My husband and I have lived in the old neighborhood for 34 years, and I get my daily exercise walking around the lake every day. The park has been extended down the canyon to Chollas Station Rd., with a baseball field and walking trails. Early in the ‘60s the reservoir was not open to the public. There weren't even any sidewalks up there, and we would walk on the shoulder of what was then Ryan Road to get to College Grove. Next to the park is the new Navy housing where the towers used to be. Some of the old original buildings still stand as a memorial. College Grove shopping center has finally been updated and is once again as busy as it was when it opened in the early 1960s -- Frank Marino '67 and Roberta Goss Marino '70

The Chollas Towers were part of a government installation and security was fairly tight. Not tight enough, however, to keep my buddies and I from fishing the pond that was on the land. I have lots of memories of pretty large bass and night fishing. We never kept 'em, just caught 'em and let them go. This was probably in the mid-fifties --
Rick Combs '59

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