The intersection of Highway 80 and 395 in the 1950s

(Courtesy of Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook Page

When Greg May posted this photo I was certain I'd caught him in an error, because this is the intersection of Fairmount Drive and Highway 80 (or 8) and Fairmont was never 395 -- or was it? Check out Cameron Kaiser's US 395 web page.

That's definitely Fairmount Avenue in the photo where it goes under I-8. The structure on the left of the photo is the Helms Bakery building. Remember how they used to drive their trucks through neighborhoods selling their wares? The building is still there today. I don't know that Fairmount Avenue was ever 395, but may have been at one time Market Street, 10th and 11th Avenues, Cabrillo Freeway Kearny Villa road on the east side of MCAS Miramar between SR-163 and Miramar Road are all pieces of the old 395. So is Center City Parkway in Escondido -- George Glover 73

Fairmount was never 395 in my time and that definitely looks like Fairmount/Mission Gorge and 80 interchange I know those curves intimately! -- Barbara Bright Wilder 62

I think 40th St. went to 395.   Fairmount intersection at 8 had the option of going to Mission Gorge Road, and North to Santee -- Bill Frost 66

You are absolutely correct, it is Fairmount Ave and not 395. The photo is taken from the Alvarado Estates area looking northwest.  The picture is 1958 or after as the northbound Fairmount to westbound I-8 structure over Fairmount Ave is visible in the picture and that structure was built in 1958 -- John Markey 67, Retired District Permit Engineer, Caltrans District 11

Greg's photo is indeed Fairmont Road and the new I-8.  The building on the left is the old Helms Bakery, where they parked all the bread delivery trucks.  It is now a Penske truck rental building. I remember the Helms trucks.  I think they were actually Chevy station wagons without side windows.  The driver had a two-toned whistle that he would toot as he drove through the neighborhood.  If anyone stopped him, he would open the tailgate and pull out enormous drawers that held the bread.  I don't remember ever buying anything from those trucks. I was not aware of Murphy Canyon ever being Highway 395.  I only remember the current Highway 163 alignment.  Murphy Canyon had its own two lane road, and that is the name I knew.  Fairmont became Mission Gorge Rd, and it still does -- Mike Fry '60

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