Horton Plaza May 1956

(Posted on Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook page on April 11, 2021)

I loved this photo of two sailors seated in front of Irving Gill's fountain in Horton Plaza.  Greg put a 1955 date on the photo, probably because the movie "East of Eden" came out in 1955.  The nicely-dressed gentleman in the background looks to be the fellow feeding pigeons in the photo below.  "Navy Wife" came out in 1956 and was showing at the Cabrillo on May 25, 1956.  Turns out "East of Eden" was featured at The Plaza on the same date, so I guess we know -- at least to the week -- when these pictures were taken.  Both theaters were open all night.  Remember when buses were yellow?  Remember when cameras had leather cases?  I think the sailor on the right has a light meter clipped to his camera. 

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