Vintage San Diego
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Eastbound West Washington at the University Exit 1954

Bali Hai Restaurant 1963

Northbound 395 at Washington 1954

  4th and Broadway and Horton Plaza 1954

Two photos of the area around 4th and Broadway

Boulevard Dodge 1962

A gorgeous night shot of the dealership on El Cajon Blvd
Mission Valley 1954

A view eastward from the Presidio

Miramar Base Housing 1956

Who doesn't love living in a Quonset Hut?

5800 Block of University Avenue 1953

Old Town 1955

More great color photos from the Stephen Grooms Collection,
photographer Joe Courtney -- with a special thanks to Pea Hicks

Pea Hicks

Ken Kramer interviews the man who has saved so many photos.

The South Seas Cafe 3877 Pacific Highway

A colorful 1950s shot of San Diego's first "Tahitian-themed Tiki Restaurant

Parkway Bowl

1280 Fletcher Parkway

Convair Plant 2 April 1957

Check out Jeannie's Pedal Pushers

Lemon Grove Denny's

6936 Federal Boulevard

Lemon Grove 1961

A colorful photo of the intersection of Golden and Imperial Avenues

Mission Valley picnic 1959

A large get-together at an area west of Kenmore Stables and Westgate Park

Downtown San Diego as seen from the back of the Ford Building 1959

Looking North on 7th Avenue from Broadway 1959

Looking East on Broadway from Harbor Drive 1959

Lower Broadway 1958

Cinema 21 Theater 1964

Baranov's Jeweler's 5th and Broadway 1957

Sparkletone Photo 3024 El Cajon Blvd 1945

Balboa Park Arboretum circa 1915

Aerial photo of downtown San Diego and Coronado April 1972

Laguna Mountain Lodge circa 1960

A wonderful winter shot with fabulous automobiles from the 1950s

San Diego State College Homecoming Parade November 7, 1953

Torrey Pines Beach State Park 1946

The Colonial Inn La Jolla 1932 and 2020

El Cajon 1946

Art Huebner Texaco 1810 El Cajon Blvd Circa 1956

Lloyd's Furniture 4275-4283 El Cajon Blvd Circa 1956

View of the desert and a brand-new 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon

San Diego State College Commencement June 8, 1956

The Fine Arts Museum in Balboa Park

Color photos taken in 1926, 1949 and 2020

"La Verne at Borrego 1952"

A cool car and a hot babe

San Diego Skyline from Coronado circa 1960

23rd and Broadway in the 1940s

Stardust Motor Hotel October 1964

Seaside Gasoline 2959 Upas Street circa 1954

Horton Plaza May 1956

Horton Plaza 1972

Reformed Presbyterian Church 3495 College Ave 1950s

Brown Military Academy 1950

Pacific Plaza Drug King 1968

Santa Fe Station 1955

Mission Valley 1916

Looking East from the Railroad Tracks on Broadway 1948

Santa Fe Engine at Broadway 1967

8th and Broadway 1967

Downtown San Diego 1953

Horton Plaza 1956

Pacific Highway at Taylor Street 1946

Torrey Pines Beach 1919

Rolando Village Sales Signs 1940

El Cortez Hotel 1958

Fun Map of San Diego 1977

Spreckels Theater 1952

Mission Beach, circa 1968

4th & Broadway circa 1947

University Avenue Car Washes circa 1956

Aerials of Mission Valley circa 1967

Aerials of Mission Bay circa 1967

Downtown San Diego circa 1953

Pacific Beach aerials circa 1970

Lerners, North Park, circa 1948

Hotel del Coronado circa 1952

Mission Valley circa 1952

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