This great photo was featured on the front and back inside covers of the 1964 Centaur.
I've managed to fuse the two photos together. Are you in the shot?

Right hand side of photo coming down stairs left to right is me, Bob Kaplan, and Gilbert Hayes, wearing our Madras Shirts, Cords and Black Jack Purcells. Thanks for bring back some memories -- Terry Hall

I found me!! The “lone one” walking in the top right hand corner of the “64 Centaur inside cover is me. I have it circled in my Centaur. I was headed for the ROTC area. I was wearing my cords, Madras shirt, green Pendleton and black “tennees” (I forget the “hot” brand name). Keep up the great work!! -- Larry Coursen ‘64

In the lower left, sitting on the bench, is Ray Schillings with his back to the picture, me facing him and Margie Mallo ‘65 standing next to us -- Joe Falcone '64

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