I'm probably going nuts, but I've decided to send you a scan of page 73 of the Dames In The Kitchen Cookbook of 1968. Faculty Dames at San Diego State was founded in 1927, became Faculty Wives in 1971, Women's Club in 1974, and since 1983 has been the SDSU Women's Association. Incredibly, I found the 1968 cookbook on Amazon.
I had just consulted my copy to check the spelling of Kasch (as in Fred Kasch). I realize one of the pages where Fred's mom--Taffy--had a recipe also had one from Tom Koester's mom (Tom was in class of '61 and a close friend at Crawford) AND by Crawford's first Principal, Mary McMullen. On another page Mrs. McMullen had a recipe that required sauterne. Shocking! The best recipe of all was on page 94, beef casserole, which became known by everyone simply as page 94, as in "Why don't you come over for dinner? We're having page 94." –
Bob Richardson '61

I also found a website with a recent interview of Tom Koester in which he talks a bit about his days in San Diego -- it has a transcript and audio track, and a photo. Click HERE

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