Class of '63 Reunion

El Torito Restaurant, Mission Valley • July 13, 2008

Photos by Gary Byrnes

Nina Lott and Steve Fortson
Nina and Gary Byrnes
Nancy and Ilja Weinrieb and
Joram and Carole Shannahoff Wolanaw
Jere and Sandy Crossland Cordell
Eileen Schroeder Lefkowitz and Hal
Nancy Ford Mass '64 and Jim
Jesse Morphew
Dick Draz
Lyall and Vesta Young
Roberta Baranov Rothstein and Eugene
Donald and Joan Sanders Minnick
Ginnie and Kermit Wadhams
Owen "Ukelele Ike" Western
John and Nancy Alba Conney
Jere Cordell
John Fry and Nancy Wingo
Tom Christensen, Donna Genero
Spafford and Jerry Smithson
Ken Anderson and Robert Eichelberger
Patricia Rivers Antognini
and Nona Beckham Eichelberger
Mike Crawford and Duane Becht
Barbara LeSage Reemelin
and Rick Herrmann
Ilja Weinrieb and Bob Johnston
Emma Leisure and Tom Mark
Vern Bowman '60 and
Glenna Morrow Jacket
Vince Jacket
Linda Johnson Wise, Michael Miller
and Kathy Houser Nolan
Jerry Elo Willoughby and Ed
Rich Ambler
Sandra Lindem Bowman and Kathy O'Connor
Sally Brett
Karen Gordy West
and Louise Neil Abdelnour
Donna Musil Gilchrist
Janice Hillis Hull
Anita Smith, Brenda Smith Clark
and Kathy Walters Dennis
Nancy Roehrs Russell
and Bess Passiglia Provience
Nancy Beauchiame
Joe and Kathleen Hasenaur
Dennis and Carol Van Der Maaten
Ilja Weinrieb and Carole
Shannahoff Wolanow
George Fogelman and Jim Mass
John McMullen
And from the camera of Sarina Klein Nordmarken
John Cosenza, Ted Hazlewood
and Dave Gray

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