5707 Hardy Avenue

Photos from the back yard of Bob Richardson '61

My dad hand-dug this small pool in 1952, where he'd originally planned to put a poultry coop.  The house, built in 1950, was at 5707 Hardy Avenue.  The view is west, from the shed roof.  The lot next to us was still empty, but a year or so later the Beitners built there.  Brenda Beitner was Class of '60. Note how the fence jogs by the pool.  This was so that the Milnes -- Spencer '60, Terry '61, and their dad -- could walk to San Diego State without going around the block.  Our back fence otherwise boxed them in. Mr. Jones lived in the next house west.  He was a cranky old man my dad scolded for telling my sister Margaret to get lost when she was trying to sell Girl Scout cookies. West of him was the Carlson's house (Carl '61 and maybe his younger brothers for a time, before they moved to Santa Rosa). Their dad Thor was principal at the Campus Lab School at the time. At least two more Crawford kids lived down the street:  Steve Campbell '60 and Steve Quimby '59.  The two-story house in the distance was the Quimbys.

Also 1952:  Valerie Ziegenfuss '67 and San Diego State College faculty wives Madge Richardson and Jean Ziegenfuss.

1953:  Margaret Richardson '59 posing for a dive.  Note that the fence has been raised in height about a foot since the 1952 pool photos.  She turned 12 that summer.

1958: Margaret and Mike Kilpatrick, both '59.  Margaret and Mike were in THE first class at Crawford, and were very active in school affairs.  They were just good friends -- Bob Snyder was Margaret's steady boyfriend.

From the 1956 San Diego City Directory

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