I subscribe to genealogy.com and entered "5707 Hardy" -- my childhood address -- in their Exact Name Search.  Lots of things popped up, including this Eileen Jackson piece from  the San Diego Union, June 12, 1955.  It's amazing how much personal stuff they put in papers back then.   Anyway, it's fun for me to see all these names.  My folks rented their house to Robert Shaw for the summer, starting in 1953.  The article mentions Shaw’s assistant Thomas Pyle, who stayed at the home of Page Crouch '60.  Tommy was married in 1954 at our house.  It wrapped around a big patio and I remember the roof was covered with champagne corks from the wedding.  Another Shaw person, John Wustman, stayed in the home of Spencer Milne '60, Terry and Terry Milne '61.  The Milne's house was directly behind ours.  The article notes that my sister Margaret ’59 and I would be visiting our aunt in Berkeley, where we would be taking lessons at the Berkeley Tennis Club.  The photo below shows me by the back porch of my aunt and uncle’s house, decked out in my tennis whites -- Robert Richardson '61

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