I should have dug this picture out and sent it to you right after you ran the great old photo of the Santa Fe station, but I was buried with other matters then. The photo of me with my Mom at the station is from 1949. This probably was one of several occasions when my sister Margaret '59 and I were being sent unaccompanied to visit our grandfather and aunt and uncle in Berkeley. I don't remember the trips very well, but know they were somewhat complex. We'd transfer to a bus in L.A., then continue to Bakersfield where we'd get on the train again, always with a meal stop at the Lebec Hotel a bit north of Tejon Pass. It supposedly had been grand in its heyday, but it was pretty scruffy when we'd stop there. It sat at the head of an alluvial fan, which made for a grand approach, but it's been gone for quite a few years now. My Berkeley uncle was a locomotive engineer for Southern Pacific, but Santa Fe was a much better connection, with stations in Berkeley and in San Diego. I remember conducting elementary physics experiments on the train: jumping in the air in the aisle to see if the train would slip out from under me. My understanding of the laws of motion improved after that trial – Bob Richardson '61

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