How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

The inspiration for the photo above was the shot you ran awhile back of Valerie Ziegenfuss '67 on the runway. The photo above shows her singing her signature song, "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window," at the Christmas Eve party held at my parents' house in 1953. Kenny Ziegenfuss '62 accompanies on piano.

(Left) Fritz Ziegenfuss '61 on trumpet and Ken Ziegenfuss on piano. They are wearing a strange type of shirt that was in vogue -- or in the stores -- then, made out of a shear synthetic material (rayon?). They came in bright colors. They didn't feel like fabric at all. When wet they were airtight. Maybe other Crawford guys remember them from that era. I have no idea where they came from, but do know that authentic Levi jeans, which Fritz and I were allowed to wear beginning about then (5th grade) came from the Rocking Horse Kiddie Shop on El Cajon Blvd, just about next door to the taxidermist. It was embarrassing going there because everything else they carried was for infants and toddlers.

(Right) shows Jim Schrupp '61, me, Fritz, and Kenny playing some Christmas tune -- we kids were required to perform at these things. We all went to the Campus Lab School where playing an instrument was required starting in 4th grade. Jim played clarinet all the way through high school, but Fritz and I pretty much quit playing after CLS days. Kenny of course was a seriously good piano player and got a Masters in music from Stanford.

For a number of Christmas Eves this same group gathered: Richardsons, Ziegenfusses, Schunerts, Schrupps (our dads all taught at San Diego State). From left to right, without regard to rows: Fred Schrupp(Hoover), Dick Schrupp 64, and Jim Schrupp, Kenny Ziegenfuss, me, Valerie Ziegenfuss, Polly Schunert '59, Janie Schunert '63, and my sister Margaret Richardson '59. Missing is Sally Schunert. She was still in her shy phase, out of which she erupted about three years later.

One more picture from the same season, but of my birthday nine days before Christmas. From left to right the participants were: Steve Kaplan '62 (lived a block east on Hardy), Larry Felson (a CLS classmate who went to Sweetwater as I recall), Chuck Briggs (neighbor on Hardy who went to Montezuma, but then went overseas with his family to Liberia, then Guatemala), me, Fred Cairns '61, Spencer Milne '60 (they lived behind us on Linda Paseo), Steve Welch (CLS classmate who went to Grossmont, then Harvard), Kenny and Fritz, and Steve Campbell '60 (he lived down the street to the west. When my sister was in labor with her second child in 1966 at UCSF hospital she was startled to find Steve present as an intern!).
Note the large bottle of Pepsi. I was very proud to be able to serve some to each kid -- in an era when Kool Aid or Hawaiian Punch were more the norm, or perhaps Cragmont cola. Big bash!

Bob Richardson '61

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