I scanned some old slides last month to give to my sister Margaret ‘59 for her birthday and thought you might like them too. My dad had labeled them Christmas1956 (years after the fact), but I'm pretty sure they are from 1955, when Margaret was in 9th grade at Horace Mann and I was in 7th. She has no recollection of the party at our house on Hardy Avenue (nor do I, in truth).
(Above) The dance photo features a discouraging picture of me around my12th birthday, in the foreground dancing with the taller girl in a white dress. She could be Carol Blankenship '61 but I'm not certain. The girl on the left looking at the camera is Natalie Ault '61. Carol Blankenship and Natalie and I had been together all through grade school at the Campus Laboratory School at San Diego State. We called it the Campus Lavatory School.
(Below) Carol Drogin is in the green dress on the couch. I think my sister's head (back side) is in the lower right corner of the same photo. The guy on the couch next to Carol looks a little like Bob Snyder but not enough to convince me. Snyder and my sister were together all through high school (King and Queen of the Senior Prom) and started dating in 9th grade.
So you need to challenge the class of '59 to see who they can identify in these two photos. Of course the 9th graders didn't go on to Crawford the next year--it wasn't open yet, and it's possible some in the photos continued at Hoover. Life is so mysterious--we were there but don't even remember!!

Bob Richardson ‘61

I think the guy dancing with Carol Drogin (behind Natalie Ault) looks like Johnny Blackwood. D'ya think?

Claudia Messerli Baker '59

I recognize the boys in the photo above. They all went to Hoover. On the couch next to Carol Drogin is John Knoll '57. On the far right (the big guy in the dance photo) is Bill Cottrell ’57. Bill Teachout ’57 is on the floor with his arm around Margaret. Seated at left is my good friend Rich Lambe ‘58

Donnie Ball, Crawford ‘59

I don't know Bill Teachout, but he doesn't have his arm around my sister. Her head is visible at the lower right of the photo .

Bob Richardson '61

Four mystery folks on the couch. They arre in the background of the photo of Bob Snyder and Carol Drogin dancing.
Another group of four mystery people, on another couch.
(From right to left) Diane Dawson, Johnny Blackwood, Joyce Moore, and Mike Kilpatrick hamming it up in the patio.
Bob Snyder and Carol Drogin dancing
Margaret Richardson and Bob Snyder dancing

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