This photo was taken on New Year's Eve 1956 at the home of Tommy and Vanona Jones (she's standing, far right, he's sitting on another woman's lap). Included in the picture are parents of some Crawfordites: George and Jean Ziegenfuss -- on left (Fritz '61, Ken '60, Valerie '67, Lynn '72); Fred and Delma Schrupp -- he's on couch with cigar, she's next to Jean Ziegenfuss (Jim '61, Dick '64); Jim and Lynnette Schunert -- he's on the couch, she's standing with her hand on his shoulder (Polly '59, Sally '62, Jane '63); Bob and Madge Richardson -- she's in lower right, he took the photo (Margaret '59, Bob '61). The Joneses lived in Point Loma and the remaining couple, Graydon and Florence Anderson (Tommy Jones is sitting on her lap, Graydon is holding a cigarette), lived in La Mesa. This was the era of smoking, poker (chips are on the table), mixed-drinks (no wine or beer), and blue flashbulbs (one on table). And whooping it up! Happy New Year everyone! -- Bob Richardson '61

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