Postal Covers from the USS Saratoga (CV-3)

(Donated by Kevin Carruth '65)

The Saratoga heads out to sea from San Diego on April 23, 1932

The Saratoga was anchored off Long Beach on March 10, 1940

Underway to San Diego the following day "Ensign Owens" crashed his Douglas TBD-1 into the Sara's #4 gun gallery, but was uninjured

30 minutes later "Lt. Thach" hit the barrier in a Brewster F2A-1 and was treated for lacerations of his forehead.  John "Jimmy" Thach would later develop the "Thach Weave", which gave America pilots an edge in combat with the Japanese Zero.  Thach retired as a Four-Star Admiral and is buried at Fort Rosecrans.

The Saratoga left Honolulu for San Diego on October 22, 1941

The Saratoga was at Puget Sound Navy Yard on November 16, 1941

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