Would you pass the salsa? Oh, by the
way, did I mention that we're cousins??
Sheryl Slayen Baron and Gary (Slayen)
Dreyfus meeting for the first time in 60 years

An amazing turn of events came out of one of our "Colts First Thursday" dinners a few months ago. Sheryl Slayen Baron '66 and I were chatting about how many of us are related to each other. I casually mentioned to Sheryl that she and I were once related. She asked me to expand on that because it sounded familiar but she wasn't quite sure why. It seems that my mom's first cousin, Muriel, was once married to Sheryl's father's brother, Uncle Erv. That marriage produced a son, Gary, but the marriage ended in divorce when Gary was three. Muriel remarried and her new husband wanted to move his new family back to his home in Texas and wanted to adopt Gary. Erv, agreed to the arrangement. This 'family secret' was kept quiet for many, many years. When Sheryl discovered she had a cousin her age that she didn't know, she felt a sense of loss. The two of us decided to see if we could bring the two families together. Gary hadn't visited San Diego in over 35 years. However, it turns out that he and his son Brian, who both live in OshKosh, WI, were planning a trip to San Diego for the Chargers/Green Bay game. So we decided to turn this into a 'family reunion' of sorts. To make a VERY long story short, our reunion was November 5, 2011 at Sheryl's home and over 40 people attended. Gary's half-sister and half-brother came in from Dallas. His nephew David, who is stationed at Camp Pendleton, came in from Oceanside with his wife and daughter. Gary's daughter Stacy and her husband came in from Las Vegas. Deborah Rubinstein and daughter Lena came in from Emeryville. Other Colt Cousins in attendance were Earl Altshuler, Bruce Altshuler, Larry Frankel, Mike Rossman, Suzi Rossman Levy, Pam Rossman Monroe, Craig Apelman, Debbie Tadman Paris and Deborah Rubinstein -- Pam Rossman Monroe ’66

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