The Smiths -- Cameron, Marv, and Jeff -- at the Richardson home in 1959

I asked you a few years ago about Cameron Smith, whose name appears on the "missing" list from the class of 1960. Included are two pictures of them, one from the fall of 1959 when they had moved to San Diego for part of the school year, one from summer of 1960 when we visited them in Santiago, Chile. They returned to Chile before the 59-60 school year was over and Cameron is not listed in the Centaur for 1960. Their dad, who was an economist with AID, was on home leave from his post in Santiago and they stayed with us for a while, then got an apartment on University east of 54th. Jeff tried out for football in the summer of 1959 and easily made the team, despite having had no experience playing. They had been overseas most of his childhood, in Manila, then Seoul, then Santiago. He was an amazing physical specimen, but dislocated his shoulder before the football season started so never played in a game. I think quite a few girls in our class had a crush on Jeff. He was gorgeous, with wonderful manners and a monster smile. Tragically, Jeff drowned in a diving accident while still in his 20s. I don't know if Sandy Coleman '61 visited the Smiths when she was an exchange student in Chile fall of 1960, but I'm sure she'd met Cameron and Jeff and knew they were there. I hope a few from the classes of '60 and '61 remember the Smiths. They were very special in our lives. Their mom and mine had been best friends going back to junior high in Berkeley -- Bob Richardson '61

The photo below, from the summer of 1960, was taken by my dad on the outskirts of Santiago. From left to right: Cameron, Carol Drogin '59, my mom, Marv Smith and my sister, Margaret '59. Marv was a car buff and had bought the Lancia Appia III in San Diego before returning to Chile. My first behind-the-wheel driving on pavement was in that car, in Baja.

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