Smokey Rogers

Click HERE and listen to Smokey sing
"No Vacancy" and "I Let My Wife Support Me"

Art Borden celebrated his birthday with Smokey Rogers in 1951, 1953, and 1954
Photos taken by Bill Reid December 7, 1953
(Courtesy of Greg May's Vintage San Diego Facebook Page)

Danna Patterson Dyke '68 forwards this 1955 photo of the Channel 8 Smokey Rogers Birthday Gang. "I was five years old," she says, and with my brand new perm!!" That doesn't help me much, but I'm hoping that makes her the second from the left.
I was on the Smokey Rogers show on Channel 8 one day. It was with my Andrew Jackson Cub Scout troop. His co-host was Roy Hogshead who could really play the guitar. In fact he had a bar downtown for many years -- Colin Fort ‘60

As a kid, my folks would take us out to Bostonia Ballroom in El Cajon, where we could all dance -- even us kids. Smokey Rogers had a young man playing and singing with him named Terry Preston. That young man later changed his name, as he became more involved in his musical career. And of course, Bostonia Ballroom closed and they all moved on in different directions. Today in Branson, MO you can go hear Terry Preston – now known as Ferlin Huskey. We had an occasion to go see him and ask him if, indeed, he was Terry Preston, and he confirmed it -- Alice James McCapes '59.

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