Tiny Town Ranch

(courtesy of Gil Tisnado)

Gil Tisnado would have graduated from Crawford in 1967 if he hadn't been shipped off to live with his father in Citrus Heights, a suburb of Sacramento, where he lives today.  His half-sisters Marie Stout '62 and the late Virginia "Ginger" Stout '63 did go to Crawford.

Monte Hall, Gil Tisnado, and Aunt Gabby • 1957

Gil Tisnado in front of Monte Hall • 1959

Gil Tisnado (front right in cowboy hat) • 1960

Says Gil -- From the time I could walk, I was always singing. I got my start at five years old, singing at our church in Encanto, a converted gas station that was turned into a Baptist church.  I was so small when I sang my solos at the Encanto church that I had to stand on a chair, so people in the back could see me.  Seems funny now, because it wasn’t a very big room. But then after all, it used to be a gas station!  I was quite the singing and dancing fool.  I used to embarrass my sisters for every time I saw a jukebox, I would get up and perform.  Apparently, when I was seven, I begged my mom to take me for a Tiny Town Ranch audition. Mom called Monte Hall and told him I wanted to be on the show.

He asked, “Does he sing good?”

My mom replied, “Of course, but you’re talking to his mother.”

Monty’s next question was, “Is he photogenic?”

Mom said, “You’re still talking to his mother!”

We bought some sheet music to “April Love” by Pat Boone and Mom and I went to the old cavernous TV studio that used to be downtown for the audition. I guess I was a hit, because after singing, Monte Hall picked me and swung me around and said, “That’s my boy!”

And I became a regular on “Tiny Town Ranch.” It was 1957, but still feels like it was just yesterday.

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