"Uncle Russ" Plummer

San Diego Union
March 13, 1941

San Diego Union
December 24, 1940

I have a certificate for being a "Clean the Plate Club" member from Johnny Jet back in 1954 -- Norm Black ’68

Evening Tribune
August 4, 1955
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San Diego Union
September 9, 1955
Grand Opening of the Clairemont Quad

Evening Tribune
December 19, 1955

Uncle Russ’s Johnny Jet was a small parrot, probably a Conure.  See picture above -- Jim Dyke ’66

Johnny Jet is Uncle Russ's parakeet -- Joanne Marshall '68

Johnny Jet was Uncle Russ's parakeet, which he had on his TV show in the afternoon -- Bill Fares ’62

San Diego Union
February 2, 1956
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June 19, 1956


Lots of memories of Johnny Downs and working at Sears 69-71. By the way, how about Uncle Russ?   George Kneeshaw  67

Help me with this:  Some folks think Johnny Downs started out as Johnny Jet.  My fading recollection is that Uncle Russ had a TV show, and his little mascot was a small parrot named Johnny Jet.  Toward the end of the show we saw a close up of the little parrot inside a rocket ship window, taking off. I always felt bad for the little parrot, wondering if he enjoyed it as much as Uncle Russ seemed to think -- Sharon Cramer Sceper ’68

Johnny Jet was the parakeet with "Uncle" Russ Plummer on THE JOHNNY JET SHOW on Channel 6 in the afternoon, I won a prize for my drawings from him, as well as from Johnny Downs. Johnny was incredibly kind but when I met Mr. Plummer, he reeked of alcohol. I don't remember him on KOGO though -- Scott Shaw ’68

Does anyone remember Uncle Russ? I believe he had a space-themed cartoon show on local television. I can barely recall visiting the studio downtown and watching his show -- Rick Leu ’71

I do remember Uncle Russ. He was actually Russ Plummer who, before his stint as a children's cartoon show host, delivered the news and weather on KFMB-TV, channel 8. This local newscast was unique in that the headlines were on the large pages of a sort of a book on an easel and the presenter stood before the 'book' and read the news. The person delivering the news also wore a San Diego Transit System hat. I was told by my grandmother that Mr. Plummer and my dad went to school together in San Diego -- Roy Boughton '59 (class, not age)

There were several "Uncle Russ" characters around the country in the 40s and 50s. Who knows why. A prominent one had a show called "Let’s Pretend with Uncle Russ” from 1948 to 1952.  I'm pretty sure San Diego's "Uncle Russ" show was on Channel 10, KOGO (after it was KFSD and before it became KGTV). Some local kids' celebs/shows from that time were "Shane in Wonderland," "Chester the Jester," "Johnny Downs" and "Uncle Russ." Downs was one of the "Our Gang" stars who would get on and off a train at the beginning and end of his shows.  I think (!!!) Uncle Russ' last name was Plumber or Plummer, but I could be wrong -- Donn Dufford ’63

As I remember, having watched Uncle Russ quite often, his main sponsor was Shuco Racers. Remember those? If you had fifty of them today, you'd have quite a value on your hands. Also, later on, it came out that Uncle Russ was quite a boozer. Ironic, what? -- Jim Horner ‘63

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