My buddy Willie Skinner (Mission Bay '67) stopped by recently with the question: "Do you remember the hottest day ever in San Diego?" He produced the handout above, that was given to students at Pacific Beach Junior High. I remembered the day. I was a few days into my job as a Classroom Assistant at Marston Junior High, in Clairemont, on that day. I dropped down the hill after work and figured I'd cool off next to the ocean. Wrong. It was just as hot there, only with humidity -- John Fry


I had Mr. Mobley for Drafting in 9th grade . It was first period -- home room -- and my buddy Dan Walters who was the photographer for the Cougar, did his darkroom work during that period. We hung out probably a bit too much. He often blew off the last few frames on a roll of film in class before developing it, including the one attached of me. The label "BORING" was straight from the 1958 Cougar, on a page titled "SCHOOL IS..." I was sitting at my drafting table in Mr. Mobley's class at the time, but in fact it wasn't a boring class and I really liked Mr. Mobley. Also attached is a scan of parts of my 1st and 2nd semester report cards that year, showing how I did in Mr. Mobley's class. He gave me B’s on the one from January 24 and remarked, "Lacks proper concentration." By the end of the year I had my act together. He gave me A's on the June 13 report card and remarked, "Summa Cum Laude." I actually had straight A's in all subjects to wind up my career at Horace Mann, which never opened any doors for me as it turned out -- Bob Richardson '61

I worked for Mr. Mobley as a "Monitor" the summer between 8th and 9th Grades at Horace Mann. I also had Mr. Henzie for 8th Grade Speech between 7th and 8th Grades. Two fine gents -- Philip Abbey ’66

It is great to see Mr. Mobley's name.  He was a fantastic principal for Crawford.  A few of us kept in touch with him until his passing a couple of years back --
Skip Weitzen ’72

If that "hottest day of the year" is the one I recall, it would have been probably '64 or '65,  I remember, because we were let out early, too at Oak Park elementary.  My friend, Missy Edwards and I brought our lunches, which we'd taken to school, back to my house.  I had iced tea in my thermos, but rather than drink it out of the plastic lid/cup, I went into the kitchen and got a juice glass, then proceeded to put a ton of sugar in my tea.  The sugar didn't all dissolve (too much sugar for too little tea) and I was sticking my finger down into the juice glass to scoop up that yummy, tea-soaked sugar, when the glass shattered and cut my little finger very badly.  I spent that "afternoon off" in the Dr. Koos’ office getting stitches in my finger!  I was in either 4th or 5th grade --
Patty Bremner Brubaker '72

The hottest day was in 1963. I only remember because it was the same year as President Kennedy’s assassination --
Mary Gale Rogers ’67

Are you going to tell us which was the hottest day recorded in San Diego history . . . or will that come in a future "Fry Day"? I can remember some "pretty hot" days of 104-107 in 1963 around my October 2nd birthday --
Lyn Chandler Overton ’64

I think it was 1963 when we had the Hottest days.. Think they cancelled school for two or three days. I do remember going to La Jolla Shores and sitting in the surf. It was so hot the wax was melting off our boards --
Terry Hall ’64

I remember spending that hottest day in the outdoor breezeways at Hardy Elementary, because the classrooms were just too danged hot. And do you remember how your teachers would turn off the FLUORESCENT lights to keep your classroom cooler!
Susan Wilkerson McCasland ’71
On 9/26/1963 it was 111 degrees in San Diego --
Rene Eustice ’63

Indeed I do remember the all-time hottest day in San Diego history.  It was September 26, 1963, when the temp reached 111 degrees.  As a new student at San Diego State College (not university then), I was running a bit late to get from my home down Montezuma Road to my swim class at Peterson Gym.  With my bicycle as transportation, I was peddling as fast as I could down the road with the hot Santa Ana wind blowing against my face.  But I knew that the pool would feel great just minutes away.  To my astonishment, when I arrived at the gym, there was a sign on the door leading out to the pool that read:  "SWIM CLASS CANCELLED DUE TO HEAT."  Go figure --
Owen Western '63

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