by Owen Western '63

You may recall that I've had some degree of interest in 3D most of my life, but you couldn't know how much. Anyway, I didn't want to say anything until we closed our first deal. A few months ago a guy in L.A. who is a movie producer/entrepreneur/promoter type e-mailed me because he had heard about my work and wanted to meet. We soon formed a partnership, and now a business. He is the CEO, and President, and I'm the Vice President and CTO of the world's first and only all-3D ad agency: 3DX. With his "mega-contacts," and many colleagues working in marketing, this was a dream come true. This has been an exciting ride, with national connections I never could have made, such as McDonalds, Subway, Disney (in three departments: toy promotion in the Disney Stores, motion picture promotion, and electronic gaming via Disney Interactive), and many many more. He has the business sense that I've never had, and I'm the Mr. Science guy with the 3D that he doesn't understand (but loves). Together we make a great team.
Several weeks ago my partner and I closed our first deal, and big time: Honda Motor Corporation. I drove up to L.A. the next day to set up, supervise measurements and angles in a big "warehouse" studio, and then return Wednesday for the car shoot using my patented Phantaglyph® process. Honda actually catered lunchtime for us. It was great working with all these friendly professionals--no weird attitudes. The agency even sent a courier down to my home to deliver proofs to check quality. At that point, I knew these people in L.A. were counting on me here at home to get this done, and done right. They sent another courier for me to check the final layout of my work. It's a two-page ad that has come out in the October issue of Maxim Magazine. Looks like we'll also be doing more 3D with Honda and more clients getting lined up. Times Square in NYC saw its first Phantaglyph® as Honda staged a Honda Fair to introduce the new CR-Z hybrid. They had me produce a big floor poster of the car for display during the fair there. They handed out thousands of glasses for people to watch a 3D video and see the Phantaglyph. I've also produced 3D web page content for the website that Honda references in the print ad. We're rolling now! The new website, by the way, (still being developed) is:
I've been watching kind responses from the trades. Here are a couple:

With the increasing popularity of 3-D, I'm sending an anaglyph shot I did of my wife Erin among the wild garland chrysanthemums at Lake Murray on April 17, 2010. Get out the red/cyan glasses (red left eye). No flowers were harmed in the making of this picture -- Owen “Wes” Western '63

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