As a child, my dad knew how much I loved music and records, so on his way home from work at Convair he would sometimes stop at a little 5 and 10-cent store along El Cajon Blvd and pick up a couple of records for me.  I was with him once and I remember a large table of 78s with a nearby record player to audition prior to purchase.  He loved to see my delight when he arrived home and would slowly reveal a couple of new records from under his jacket for me.  After a few years I had a stack of records several inches tall.  I still have some that I started to like even though most are badly worn from childhood.  Since the 1980s I've started searching to find replacements, first via swap meets and garage sales.  Now, thanks to the internet, via Ebay, MusicStack, and other resources I have found quite a few.  A few months ago I think you had something about Smokey Rogers, our local country music star from the 1940s.  I understand that he owned the Bostonia Ballroom.  I have just finished restoration work on a rare record of his from about 1946. "No Vacancy" is as relevant now as then and has some serious undertones.  The flip side, "I Let My Wife Support Me" is just fun. Click on the links below to have a listen -- Owen C. Western '63

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